Monday, June 13, 2011

One of My Favorite Posts I Ever Wrote

Originally posted July 7, 2008.

Aubrey standing in a puddle

Sometimes you need to stop and pause and think about what's truly important. Sometimes, you need to remember that when someone really wants to watch Dora and you need to get her in the car to get to daycare, it isn't worth yelling at her. Sometimes you need to laugh and giggle out of a situation rather than get angry.

Some day she will walk out that door and come back only when she has time. Make sure that she wants to come back. Make sure that she knows you love her and that you'd do anything for her.

Not that you can let her stay and watch Dora. You don't have time, and she needs to learn that sometimes it's not about her.

stopping to smell, and destroy, the flowers

You need to remember, no matter how frustrating, how irritating, how angering she can be, it isn't done out of malice (that comes later). You don't need to teach her that it's ok for someone to yell at her.

No matter how much you dislike hearing, "I just peed in my pants," know that the days of hearing that are numbered. And even though hearing, "I need to go pee pee," every 30 seconds (whether she needs to go or not, and you can't afford to decide, 'this time she doesn't need to') is nearly as frustrating, that, too will pass.

Be patient.

She looks up to you; she takes you as her earliest marker of what a man should be and how he should act. Don't create a bad precedent, don't be a bad example.

This is a lot of pressure. But that's exactly what you signed on for when you decided to have her. She's a lot of responsibility. A lot of work.

She's worth it. Every bit.

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