Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's All About Me

(me at my desk)

This is not a place with a lot of activity. And while I'm hoping to change that, I'm not going to make all sorts o declarations of intentions and resolutions and whatnot. If I can do it, I'll post here more than twice a year (that seems doable, right). But I won't get bent out of shape if I don't.

Mostly this has been a blog about libraries. That will continue to be the case. But what is changing is that this will be where I talk about personal things, too. I used to do that over at my other blog, but that's transitioning as a magazine-only place, and I don't feel right putting out bits and pieces of my personal life there.

There will be crossover for sure; it's all part of my life and it is all about me (I am kind of a big deal, you know). So, for the few that are here, be forewarned about talk of kids and cooking and other things.