Monday, March 29, 2010

Salem Press Blog Awards

Salem Press is sponsoring an award for library blogs. I heard about this through receiving a nomination e-mail over the weekend. Now, while I am flattered, doubly so since the nomination has to come from a reader, I've withdrawn myself from consideration as I don't feel my work lives up to the standard set by other library blogs.

There are some who feel there are too many awards, and others who feel this is a disingenuous attempt from Salem Press to gather marketing data. Regardless, it's not something for which I feel I qualify. For one, my blog which updates regularly is about science fiction and my magazine Electric Velocipede. This blog, has upated (including this post you're reading) seven times in the past THREE YEARS. Not exactly setting the library blog world on fire, eh?

Still, I'm flattered that someone felt what I've written worth nominating, and for that, I thank you.


Recently I wrote an article on steampunk for Library Journal's Booksmack online column/e-mail newsletter (yes, that's my ugly mug on the LJ site). My editor told me that it was their most accessed page on the entire Library Journal website the weekend it went up. It was also mentioned by and listed in the American Libraries newsletter from ALA.

Go me!

PS - I'm hoping that I can update this site a bit more as I'm trying to take control of my passion for librarianship and remember why I got into the field in the first place.