Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Fifteen Years

Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. This fall we'll celebrate the nineteenth anniversary of our first date. I've been lucky enough to spend all those years with a smart, beautiful, funny, sexy, loving woman who's made me a better person, and helped me learn to want more from life than I thought I deserved. We've shared a lot of good times and bad times, more good than bad to be sure.

We talk all the time. We work hard at our marriage and our relationship. We still learn new things about each other. We have two gorgeous kiddos that help us remember to be patient and to enjoy spending time together.

I don't get the chance to do that today. You see, I'm in WI and the family is still in IA. I know we'll look back at this and in the grand scheme of things this time apart will be a little blip in the course of of lives. But still, I can be a little selfish and wish that I was with her today.

It's been difficult being apart. But it helps us see how much we mean to each other.

Happy anniversary Shai. I'll see you soon.

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