Saturday, November 04, 2006

Je vous presente...

Operating under the sound advice of The Editor, I'd like to take a moment to briefly introduce myself. The Editor and I met in graduate school where we soon discovered the uncanny similarities that exist among our respective professional backgrounds and future aspirations as librarians. Like the Editor, I am a career-changing 30-something who is new to the LIS field. My previous career was in the corporate world where I worked in corporate communications, advertising, entertainment marketing (a.k.a., "product placement") and media relations. Despite my brief tenure as a practicing librarian, I can report with complete certainty that I have never been happier. Some of us are just made to be librarians. It's in our DNA. I suppose this makes me one of the lucky ones; many people spend their lives in search of the same level of professional satisfaction that I have been fortunate enough to find in the LIS field. Lastly, I think you'll find that my take on things is fairly non-traditional. Of course, that stands to reason; I'm new to the profession and have yet to become captivated by the status quo. With any luck, I never will. I sincerely hope that my contributions to this blog will provide both entertainment and educational value--all the while maintaining your interest.


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