Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2007 NJLA Salary Guidelines

The New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) Executive Board has adopted new recommended salary guidelines for 2007.

The new recommended minimum salary for a librarian starts at $45,787.


Sadly, these are only recommended salary guidelines.


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The Editor said...

Here's some information for beyond NJ (it's a fwe years old, but it gives the right idea):

Regional Salary Guide (minimum starting salaries)

Connecticut $34,172
Delaware $22,500**
Illinois $30,096*
Indiana varies*
Iowa $23,911
Louisiana $22,000
Maine varies*
Massachusetts $31,362*
New Jersey $34,765
North Carolina $27,641**
Ohio $25,198**
Pennsylvania $28,120*
Rhode Island $29,800
South Carolina varies*
South Dakota $22,000
Texas $28,000
Vermont $26,464
West Virginia $22,000
Wisconsin $32,240

*Rather than establish one statewide salary minimum, some state associations have adopted a formula based on variables. It is recommended that you contact the state library association for minimum salary information.

**These recommendations apply only to public librarians.

Someone needs to do this round-up again so we can see it in today's numbers. Any volunteers?