Thursday, October 12, 2006

School Library Journal October 2006

I received a few copies of the issue today (I mentioned my podcast previously here, here, and here; hmmm, I think I need to mention something else here...) and was able to see my name in print. How cool. (see below for my mash-up of my name and the cover of the issue)

I'm very proud (obviously!) of getting the chance to do something like this so early in my career. I hope I continue to get chances. There are some other projects I am working on along these lines that I think are very cool. I'll unleash them here as they come to fruition.

SLJ Oct 2006 mashup

Next week is Teen Read Week, and I'm excited that I will be hosting a reading/Q&A session with the awesome Libba Bray, and following that up with an event wherein the teens and I will make an 8-page zine out of one sheet of paper. I'm excited and a little nervous that this stuff is happening next week already! Got to get prepared!

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