Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Couple Things

First, I've recently recorded a podcast for School Library Journal about technology uses in the library. In my case, specifically Library Thing. I'll post a link when it's up and available.

Second, I've added my name to the people who will be discussing Summer Reading 2008 for New Jersey. I thought I should get involved and help shape what happens.

Third, I'm going to start reading for the Garden State Book Awards. I don't know exactly what this will involve. I know books will start coming my way and I'll have to read them. This is part of NJLA's young adult section (correct me if I'm wrong).

Fourth, I have offered my services in helping write a manual for YALSA (I was asked if I would be interested in authoring or co-authoring and I said yes). Whether my help is needed is not known at this point, but there you are.

Fifth, not library related, but I turned in the manuscript that I edited of short stories based on spelling-bee winning words to my editor at Bantam. More later as I know more (there is a acceptance portion that needs to happen).

Sixth, this will be vague.... I've been asked to be a regular contributor to another blog. For now I'm keeping it under wraps until it officially happens. That will most likely spell the end of this blog since I won't have time to keep it up and maintain all my other projects.

Seventh, more non-library stuff, I'm currently editing issue #11 of my science fiction, Electric Velocipede, as well as putting together a chapbook, both of which I hope to have ready for World Fantasy at the beginning of November. Which is why posting here will be slow and vague.

And there are no more numbers as I had WAY more than I thought I would.


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