Monday, June 12, 2006

Update RE: Moving

Well, we moved. Mostly. All the big stuff has made it to our new home. Most of the little stuff. Except stupid things like shoes. And dish detergent. And our plants. And I'm sure something we'll need tonight.

Phones are coming soon.

The internet, coming by the 21st. Yikes! No home internet service for another ten days almost. Hopefully I can make it that long! Hopefully we have the house set up by then so that I can get to a computer.

I should take photos of the boxes in our living room. If it wasn't so annoying it would probably be stunning.

Thanks to Minz, Craig E., Bill Shunn, Laura Chavoen, Sondi, and Hanley who was out on the East Coast from MT to visit Minz on vacation. What a way to spend your vacation...lugging boxes of some guy you don't know.

At least the kitchen is half unpacked so we can eat....


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