Thursday, June 29, 2006


I thought it was just me, but apparently there are lots of librarians who encounter trouble with Hotmail attachments. At my library, I cannot download/open anything attached to a Hotmail e-mail. I have a dickens of a time explaining this to the poor patrons who are trying to open resumes, school papers, photos, etc.

Anyone have any solutions or experience with this? I've encountered this at other libraries as well. None of the other e-mail problems--AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.--seem to have this problem.

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Anonymous said...

It likely has to do with a security setting, what exactly is the error message you see, if any?

Do you manage the public pcs with a central server/roaming profiles or by local configs.

The Editor said...

The error message is something along the lines of: "Internet Explorer is unable to download that link at this time"

According to the link in my post, this is a known problem/disconnect between Hotmail and Internet Explorer.

Each machine has its own security software on it that has a lot of stuff turned off (i.e., there are a lot of things patrons could do on their PC at home that they can't do here), and I don't know if those settings are causing additional conflict.

I just checked with my Hotmail account on my computer (which does not have the security that the patron PCs do) and I was able to download the attachment.

So, obviously we are causing the problem, but people don't have problems with other e-mail programs, so I wonder what happens for Hotmail?

Anonymous said...

As a football league fixture secretary, I have a related problem.

I send out the fixtures as a word attachment to lots of club secretaries. Just one or two have hotmail addresses and never receive my e-mail although all the other secretaries with other ISPs receive their copies.

Brian Clark