Monday, April 24, 2006

Title Change Again

Despite wanting to use the name given to me by Andrea Mercado, I've find several other people who have attributed the phrase "Rock Star Librarian" to them before me (including Sophie Brookover (who, in the recent Movers and Shakers LJ special issue, was wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the words 'rock star librarian' and she looks better in that than I would by a long shot!) and a blog called Rockstar Librarian.

So I have a new title for this blog. Starting today, I will make a post a day until I clear out the saved blog posts from Bloglines. (currently sitting at 23 among library oriented posts) Tomorrow will most likely be about the NJLA conference, where I hope to meet Ms. Brookover and other NJ based librarians. Very excited to go to an actual library convention (as opposed to all the science fiction conventions I normally go to) and rub elbows with fellow professionals.

If you're going, I'll be easy to spot.

I'll be the guy.


Sophie Brookover said...

Hi! Please introduce yourself at the conference on Wednesday if you're still here -- don't be shy!

The Editor said...

Sophie, we did meet today. Sorry that my Blogger profile is a my true identity. I've fixed that so my name shows up. I should probably add some more information about myself, but just trying to hold on to some privacy. :)