Monday, September 10, 2007

Hi Seth, They're Called Librarians

From Seth Godin (this is actually the entire post, but the blog is SO informative you must go there):
It's easy to be wowed by what a magical job the search engines do in finding you just the right needle in the haystack.

The fact is that search engines are very good at fairly simple searches, and very good at finding information about single products, services, people and ideas.

But they're terrible at connections, at rankings, at horizontal results. They can't help me find the 25 most important up and coming artists in the United States. They can't help me find six products that are viable alternatives to something that was just discontinued. They can't help me rank the service of four accounting firms.

There's a giant opportunity. (Many opportunities, actually). It's to collate and slice and dice and rank domain-specific knowledge and surface it. There are some areas where this is done extremely well (restaurants, for example), but in most cases, it's not done at all.

Organizing the world's information is a laudable goal. But we're only an inch down the road.
Um, isn't that what we do every day with reader's advisories, displays, handouts, and other whatnot?

So, what are you doing to let your community (aw heck, the world) know that you've organized some information in a particular way? Are you optimizing your website so that people will find it in their searches?

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sethgodin said...

we need more librarians!

I need one in my house...