Thursday, August 09, 2007


Can we stop using 'blogosphere' and GOD FORBID 'biblioblogosphere'? When I'm reading something (it could be a blog post, an article, whatever) and I hit one of these terms, I just stop reading. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who feels compelled to use these terms doesn't have anything to say to me that could matter.

These terms are not inclusive. They do not work to make people feel comfortable. They do not help people understand. They exclude. They discriminate. They make people feel stupid. They make people be dismissive of what you have to say.

'Oh, what should we call it then?'

How about 'online community'? How about 'librarians online' or 'people online'? How about none of these? How about nothing? It's not a term that intuitively describes anything.

Why not blgoworld, or blogplanet, or bippityboppityblogplace?

It's just stupid. Stop.

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